Find how to get Free Itunes Gift Card and use it at Itunes Store

ITunes music is the main feature of Apple’s software-based online digital media store. It opened as the iTunes music store way back in 28th of April, 2003, and ever since it has become the number one music vendor in the United States. iTunes music help make the iTunes store as the largest legal music retailer.

Currently, iTunes store proudly claims that their iTunes music catalogue contains 13 million songs. Their origins can be traced when Apple signed deals with five major record labels, and around 2,000 independent labels. An added feature of iTunes music are the exclusive tracks from artists that can only be bought in iTunes store.

There are new songs added daily to the iTunes music catalog and this would be updated every Tuesdays by the iTunes store. Apple also releases in iTunes music, weekly singles in bilingual form. The good thing about “Discovery download” on Tuesdays is that they are usually free of charge for a week. A special and added bonus for downloaded iTunes music is the information that comes with the song, the title, the artist and the album where it is found.

There are songs that are not available as iTunes music singles and must be bought along with the whole album. One can find these exclusive songs in iTunes music with the tag “album only.” These type of songs usually vary in length or they are contained in sountracks of movies or television programs. iTunes music epitomizes Shakespeare’s quote, “if music is the food of love, then play on”. Music lovers can access iTunes with just a click for their own purposes and intentions.

ITunes music comes with a price, for in capitalism, there is no such thing as a free lunch. They can be acquired through the following prices, 69 cents, 99 cents and $1.29. The iTunes store is also a venue for iTunes music lovers to connect with people that share the same music preference. ITunes music is the venue and the place where everybody is one with the world.

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