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If one is wondering what and where is the iTunes library is located, it is in the upper left corner when one clicks on the iTunes icon. The library is the depository of one’s purchased or downloaded items.

The iTunes library is made up of different categories; there is a section for music, movies, tv shows, podcasts, audiobooks, apps, and iTunes radio. Contents for every category can be bought at the iTunes store.

If one downloads or purchase songs from the millions of high-quality DRM-free songs, the songs would immediately go to the Music section of the library. There are interactive designs right in the iTunes library if one downloads selected albums. The second s3ction of the iTunes library is devoted for movies. One can purchase movie or movie rentals at the iTunes store.  There are is a wide range to choose from, comedy, drama, action, documentary, borror, and etc.

The iTunes library would be the storage place the moment one buys or download movies. The iTunes library movie section helps the user pick movies, whether it is in the watched or unwatched videos area. The iTunes store also sells television shows. TV shows can be previewed, bought and downloaded any time at the iTunes store. There are promos, like the Season Passes, that is offered by the iTunes store. The iTunes library would immediately store the episodes the moment iTunes finished downloading them the moment they are available.

Podcasts are free radio and tv-style shows one can download from the iTunes store. Podcasts in iTunes store are around 100,000 and they have different categories from Arts to TV and Film. There are different podcasts discussing various topics. There are audio books available in the iTunes store and they would be immediately stored in the iTunes library if they are bought or downloaded. The iTunes library store books by authors or by categories. The iTunes library also has a section for Apps or applications. These software applications for Apple devices have different topocs from education to entertainment.

The last category in the iTunes library is the iTunes radio.

The iTunes library is the modern day library of Alexandria, where one can discover, search and enjoy works of art and wonder.

ITunes Library