Find how to get Free Itunes Gift Card and use it at Itunes Store

The iTunes store is an online digital media store operated by Apple. It opened on April 28, 2003 and is considered to be the number one music vendor in the United States. This is where individual songs are all sold for the same price with no subscription fee as compared to other existing online music stores, which charge a monthly subscription fee.

The iTunes stores is where one can buy digital downloads of music, movies, TV shows, music videos, audio books, podcasts, games, applications and other stuffs that would enhance one’s Apple device. Before one could purchase all these things, one should first create an iTunes account with the store.

There are a couple of ways in creating an iTunes account with the store.The initial step for acquiring an iTunes account is to point the browser to “create new account”. If one already has an Apple ID, the iTunes store would just ask for personal information, no need to point the browser to create a new account.This is the part when one needs to enter all the basic information and another way to create an iTunes account.

When creating an iTunes account, the first window to pop up is the terms of service. One should read first the conditions before agreeing to its terms and after one is amendable to what is stated, then click the “continue” button. The next part would be creating an Apple account.

This is the part where they would ask for personal information such as the email address. They would require the user to give a password and a verification question in case one forgets it in the future. The question should be familiar only to one’s self and it should be an easy answer only to the person asking it. After clearing one’s birthday one should pick the options whether one would receive special offers and information. After this, comes the credit card verification where certain information about the credit card should be given. As soon as this process is complete, then one can start availing of the wonderful items iTunes is offering.

The iTunes account is the gateway for buying items in the iTunes store.

iTunes Account