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iTunes is a free application for the Mac computers, but a PC version is also available for those who don’t have the luxury of owning a Mac. iTunes plays a role in the organization and the performance of one’s digital music, and video on one’s computer. All the musical content of one’s computer would also be in sync with the iTunes store, and this would allow the person to buy anything from movie rentals, movies, tv shows, podcasts, audiobooks, and the 13 million songs in the iTunes catalog anytime and anywhere.

Installing iTunes in one’s computer is necessary so that one can enter the multimedia paradise any time. The following are steps to download and install iTunes to one’s PC.

Installing iTunes begins with one going to the Apple website and entering one’s email address. The Windows version should be the one that one should select then point the browser to “Download iTunes”. Once the “File Download” box pops up, click on “Save” and observe as it downloads to one’s PC.

Once the installation is done, look for the iTunes Setup file on one’s PC desktop and then double click that particular icon. Installing iTunes instructions should be followed and after that it’s time to select and pick the options that would suit one’s preference and suitability. iTunes can appear on the desktop and be the default music player of the PC.

Once one sees the next window, then click “next.” Installing iTunes would be complete. The computer would then restart once the installation is finished. Once the computer restarted, check if iTunes is correctly installed by clicking on the iTunes icon.

One can allow the iTunes program to search for existing MP3’s in the computer by selecting “Add MP3s and ACC Files.” The iTunes program then would proceed in its search and would even organize it if given permission. If one wants to leave existing MP3s alone, then proceed by clicking the “Next” Button. One can browse and listen to the MP3s by opening the iTunes program.

One should always remember this when installing iTunes. If one does not want to have the MP3s be converted to the iTunes program, then don’t set iTunes as the default music player.

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